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Give the gift of a call from anyone from the show...

Is your friend impossible to shop for because he already has everything? Is your brother quite gullible? Would your mother just die if Robin called her? Is JD the only man on Earth who could you back together with your lost love? Would like Sal on your outgoing voicemail message?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, a phone call from Sour Shoes is just what you need. This talented impression artist and Stern Show frequent caller will call you or anyone you choose as any of dozens of personalities he can imitate faithfully. Impersonations include Howard, Artie Lange, Fred, Robin, Gary, Benji, Will, Richard, Sal, Steve, JD, Ronnie, Jason, Tracy, Jon Hein, Jon Lieberman, Lisa G, High Pitch Mike, and virtually any Wack Packer or regular caller you can think of.

Sour Shoes can do more than one character per call and say anything or include any information you would like him to. He is happy to sing songs. He can break up with your boyfriend for you or call your boss and tell her you quit. If it can be done with a human voice, Sour Shoes can do it, and he can do it for your friend, enemy, or family member. 

See Sour Shoes in action on this recent episode of Fine Time.

Click the purchase button below and then we will contact you to work out the details for your call. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions. Sour Shoes is available to call or leave voicemails for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, special occasions of all sorts, or for no reason at all.

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