Could You Be A Killer?


Casting Call - Could You Be A Killer?

Did anyone ever tell that you that you should be doing standup comedy? Are you secretly writing material waiting to get the guts to take it to the stage? Are you a struggling but brilliant local comedian who just needs a break? Are you the funniest person you know?

If you answered any of these questions in the affirmative, opportunity is knocking at your door. The Killers of Comedy, a nationally touring group of comedians from The Howard Stern Show, and featured in their own show on Howard TV, are holding Auditions in Orange County, California (location to be announced) on Saturday, February 28. The winner will perform onstage with the Killers of Comedy that night, at The Grove in Anaheim!

Not only is this a chance for the winner to perform comedy for a packed house, but the entire audition and the winner’s performance are going to be filmed for The Killers of Comedy’s new television series, Could You Be A Killer?.

The winner will also get a shot to compete at a later date for the chance to become a regular part of the Killers’ lineup, and gain an instant following with Howard Stern’s legions of crazed fans. But, even if you don’t win, the whole audition process is being filmed, so your unique brand of humor is going to be exposed to a national audience. Who knows, if you’re good enough you might even get Howard’s attention!

We are looking for comedians of all types. It doesn’t matter what you do. If you think it’s funny, we want to see it.

Once again, auditions will be held in: Orange County, California (location to be announced), at 11am, on Saturday February 28. The winner's performance will take place that night at The Grove in Anaheim.



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